So, here I find myself, less than a week to Halloween, now apparently doing something. And with no costume to speak of.

I’m also at university, so my leather jacket for a rocker outfit is at home, as is my green wool hat for the old standby as Mike Nesmith of The Monkees. Pretty much anything I can think of that would make a good costume… is at home.

What do I have? A red shirt. A green towel. Black pants. A white bathrobe. A yellow jacket. Blue shoes. Of course, this doesn’t equal anything, but maybe, just maybe, I can take one of these pieces and turn it into something. But on this wide internet, there’s no “list of people who wear red shirts”. And so, here I am, to fill that void.

These are mostly cartoon characters because, for one, cartoon characters usually wear the same outfit all the time, and thus are more recognizable. Cartoon characters also tend to wear solid colours with simple accessories, which are usually easy to find.

The shirt colour goes along the side, pants/skirt colour along the top.

Blossom from ''Powerpuff Girls'' Mimi from ''Digimon'' Gilligan from ''Gilligan's Island''
Velma from ''Scooby Doo'' Izzy from ''Digimon'' Goofy
Bart from ''The Simpsons''
Barney from ''The Simpsons''
Angelica from ''Rugrats'' Marcie from ''Peanuts''Linus from ''Peanuts'' Brock from ''Pokemon''
Phoebe from Magic School Bus Sora from ''Digimon'' Misty from ''Pokemon'' ArthurWoody from ''Toy Story''Christopher Robin from ''Winnie the Pooh'' Arnold from Magic School Bus Kari from ''Digimon'' Charlie Brown from ''Peanuts''
Apu from ''The Simpsons'' Peter Pan Buttercup from ''Powerpuff Girls'' Ralphie from Magic School Bus Matt from ''Digimon'' Edna Krabappel from ''The Simpsons'' Peppermint Patty from ''Peanuts''Daria TK from ''Digimon'' Shaggy from 'Scooby Doo'
Lois from 'Family Guy'
Ned Flanders from 'The Simpsons'
Comic Book Guy from ''The Simpsons''Carlos from Magic School Bus Bubbles from ''Powerpuff Girls'' Tim from Magic School Bus Chuckie from ''Rugrats'' Chris from ''Family Guy'' Donald DuckCap'n Crunch Tommy from ''Rugrats'' Tai from ''Digimon''
Penelope Pitstop from ''Wacky Races'' Krusty the Klown from ''The Simpsons'' D.A. from Magic School Bus Meg from ''Family Guy'' Keesha from Magic School Bus
Milhouse from ''The Simpsons'' Wanda from Magic School Bus Phil and Lil from ''Rugrats''
Ash from ''Pokemon'' Johnny Bravo
Peter from ''Family Guy'' Freddy from ''Scooby Doo''
Homer from ''The Simpsons''
Spongebob Squarepants Joe from ''Digimon''
Pig Pen from 'Peanuts'